With our service plans, Harrison Heating Services offers complete peace of mind.
We pride ourselves in providing all of our customers with personal, reliable services and boiler coverage.

A broken or malfunctioning central heating system can waste both money and energy. At Harrison Heating Services, we provide premium quality boiler and heating systems, boiler servicing and maintenance that gives you peace of mind, by making sure your boiler system operates at optimum levels throughout the year. Annual boiler servicing and maintenance is crucial to general boiler maintenance. our services ensure optimum energy utilization and significant savings in monthly utility payments. The information provided here will explain exactly what boiler system products are covered in our agreement and what to do if you need to either make a claim, cancel or alter your agreement. Our heating products have been specially designed to provide our clients with high-quality heating to keep you safe and warm.

Our Service Plans

If you simply want your boiler to be serviced annually, then the Bronze Plan will be perfect for you.


If the guarantee of your boiler has expired, but you do not require cover for the rest of your central heating system then try out the Silver Plan. In this plan, you will receive our fast service and all parts contained within the boiler and labour covered along with the controls. You will also get annual boiler service and preferential rates on our other services that have not been covered.


Under this plan, you can rest assured that you will be getting complete peace of mind if your boiler is no longer under guarantee. Under this plan, we offer complete protection for your full central heating system including boiler and controls. Your boiler will be serviced annually. You can also take advantage of the other benefits of this plan, including preferential rates for all services not in the cover and a guarantee of quick service with all parts and labour covered.


Oil boiler – additional £5.00 per month
Gas Safety Inspection CP12 – additional £4.00 per month
Gas Fire Service – additional £3 per month
Back Boiler – additional £2.50 per month
Plumbing – additional £2.50 per month

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