Why Choose Central Heating in Fareham?

There are several reasons to select central heating in Fareham over other types. A central heating system will be much more cost-effective and efficiency in no distance time because of its many advantages.

Heating systems usually cost quite a lot to install, but their benefits far better than the alternatives. If you just want to heat one room, as in situation of a studio apartment where only one room is available, a window unit would function just well. It would heat the small space well and perhaps would not cost you all that a lot per month, excluding any insulation problems you experienced. If you stay in a one room apartment, you would maybe come out ahead here, but in homes or apartments that have more than one room, a window unit would certainly not be the most economic option. This is because these units heat one room at a time. Even a small home could wind up making you pay much in monthly heating bills because of this.

Central Heating system

A Central Heating system would alike disperse the heat throughout the home. Even if the house is small, this can be very advantageous. This is because diffusing heat is more energy efficient. It would not use up as much energy to disperse as it would to heat every room one by one.

Central Heating in Fareham also helps to control the temperature in the entire house. If every room is heating individually, the temperature will be different throughout the home. It might be warm in the sitting room but quite cold in the bedroom. Since central heating systems disperse the heat equally, the temperature can be easily set at a specific degree. This is what also aids to save you some money every month when it comes to pay your utility bills.

There are also various types of central heating systems available, some of which are more cost-effective than others. This gives you the opportunity to decide on which one you need, as long as your home is equipped for its installation, and lets you decide how much you save per month.

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Digital Thermostats

Central heating also lets you to use a digital thermostat that can be programmed to your conditions. For instance, if you need the temperature to be set at a specific degree 30 minutes before you come back home so your house is warm; you can program the thermostat to do that. There are commonly different settings for morning, afternoon, evening and at night, all of which can be personalized to your choice. Your central heating specialist in Fareham will be able to install such a thermostat and can also answer any questions you might have about it and the system in general.

Central Heating in Fareham is a very practical option for the reasons point out above. It saves you much money over time and gives you more choices. Though it can be quite expensive to carry out gas, LPG & oil central heating installations in Fareham, the energy efficiency and long term cost overall make it worth the spending up front. Depending on the choices available to you, you will be able to decide on from among various types of systems, thus giving you another way to save even more money.

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Gas, LPG & oil Central heating installations in Fareham - how much will it cost?

It is reasonable to say that the cost of gas, LPG or oil central heating installations in Fareham will differ depending on the size of home you have. Of course, a small bungalow will cost less than a mansion when installing gas, LPG or oil central heating system in Fareham, but the important thing to not forget is that the cost heavily depends on the option of boiler you opt for. There are several different choices out there and the type of cover you go for is also a long-term reason worth budgeting in for. This functions like a graded system - the higher the grade of cover you get the more attention the central heating in Fareham supplier will pay to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If this happens, it might be a result of low pressure or blockage in the system, which is restricting the flow of water. In some cases, there could be a fault with a closed valve, thermostat or aa pump causing the water not to circulate properly. We recommend contacting us for assistance in diagnosing and repairing the fault by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
The most common causes of leaks and boiler dripping water are faulty internal components, this includes but is not limited to issues with corrosion, broken pressure valves, pump seals, or loosen pipe connections. We recommend calling out our Gas Safe registered engineer, who will diagnose and fix the problem for you and stop any potential dangers. You should never try to fix a boiler yourself, always call out for professional help.
Kettling sound from your boiler ( similar to a boiling kettle ) is usually caused by limescale or sludge buildup inside the system. It often happens in areas with hard water. The deposits build up in your boiler or pipes can block or restrict the flow of water inside the system, which can result in overheating and weird noise. It is best to treat this as soon as possible because it might result in more severe boiler damage and higher costs if your boiler needs replacing. We recommended calling our team as soon as you notice kettling sounds from your boiler. Our engineer will drain your central heating system and remove limescale and sludge buildup. For more information on this method, please visit our Power Flush section.
Worrying noises from the boiler are usually caused by low water pressure, a faulty pump or air buildup in the system. The type of sound in your system can narrow down the source of the problem. Banging noise could be a result of imminent pump failure, and this happens most often in old systems that have not been serviced regularly. We highly recommend contacting us to book our Gas Safe registered engineer for a professional diagnose of the problem as soon as possible.
The blue flame that always stays lit is called a pilot light. If this pilot light keeps turning off, it will stop your boiler from working. It can be caused by a broken thermocouple, which would stop the supply of gas to your boiler. Sometimes also the problem could be a draught blowing the pilot light out or a deposit built up in the pilot light. Always remember that you should never carry out any work on your central heating system. There is one thing that you could check yourself before calling out an engineer: Check if your other gas appliances are working and that your gas stopcock is on. You can always give us a call, and we will be more than happy to help you.
The most common causes for this to happen are faulty airlocks, diaphragms, motorised valves, thermostat or low level of water in the system. Your heating system might require a new part fitted to be working correctly again. Give us a call today for professional advice. If necessary, we will book a Gas Safe registered engineer for a professional diagnose of the problem as soon as possible.
It is straightforward to check the pressure of your central heating system; just take a look at the pressure gauge on your boiler. Low pressure ( below 1 ) will cause your central heating system not to work properly. It can be a result of a few potential reasons. Some of the reasons for this to happen could be a water leak in the system, recently bled radiators or a faulty pressure relief valve. We recommend contacting us for assistance.
All condensing boilers ( combi, system or regular ) have a condensate pipe transporting excess water away from the boiler. During winter it is common for the water to freeze and cause a blockage. If this happens, your boiler will most probably display a warning or a fault code. Feel free to give us a call; we will be happy to assist.
It might be a sign of a faulty thermostat when the heating is turning on and off when it is not supposed to. If your thermostat starts to malfunction or loses its accuracy, it will probably need to be replaced. Give us a call today for professional advice.
If some of your radiators are not getting hot, then they might need balancing. This procedure can also be done without the help of an engineer, but only if you feel confident doing it. If only the bottom of your radiator is getting hot then it might need to be bled, it is not a difficult task, and it does not require an engineer. In some other cases, there could be a build-up of sludge or air in your central heating system. Our professional engineers can remove this build-up by a process called Power Flush, and this is something that you should not try yourself.
All of our installers are fully trained, and qualified Gas Safe registered professionals.
We will recommend the best possible boiler for your needs, in terms of brands we mostly recommend Valliant and Worcester Bosch.
Harrison Heating has a team of professional engineers covering all of Hampshire. Most of our work so far has been carried out in the following areas: Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham, Chandlers Ford, Whiteley, Winchester, Portsmouth, Winchester, Hedge End, West End, Botley, Romsey, Totton, Lyndhurst, New Forest, Hythe, Marchwood, Netley, Gosport, Twyford, Hamble, Holbury, Wickham, Titchfield, Nursling, Ringwood, Salisbury, Cosham, Waterlooville, Fair Oak and Lee-on-the-Solent.
Yes, we provide free quotes without obligation from your side to accept our quotation.
To give you the best and optimal solution we will need to know few details. For example, we will ask how many rooms and bathrooms you have currently or if you are planning any future extensions of your house.
In most cases, we can install your new boiler in the next working day. It depends on the current workload, so please give us a call as soon as possible if you are in a rush.
It usually takes one day to fit a new boiler by our professional installation team.
It is required by law that all servicing and gas safety checks are made by a Gas Safe registered engineer. It is also a condition of the warranty if your boiler is still under one.
We will do all possible safety checks, inspection and test all critical components to make sure your boiler runs safely, reliably and efficiently.
Please feel free to use our website to leave us a short feedback message. We are always happy to hear from customers about the outcome of our work. You can also read other customers reviews in the feedback section of our website.
Underfloor heating can be installed in most houses under almost any type of flooring. It gives you the option to have different zones heated and controlled independently. It comes very convenient in terms of managing heat distribution depend on which rooms are being used at the time.
Of course, you can! It is even recommended if the room is big enough, the area of heating can be split into sections. This approach works great with open-plan areas like kitchen diners.
Underfloor heating gives you the ability to warm up naturally cold ceramic or stone floors efficiently. It distributes the heat throughout the heated areas more equally compared to the radiators. Once installed, the underfloor heating requires less maintenance compared to central heating.
The underfloor heating gives you more control, increased comfort, better heat distribution, and it costs less to run. Underfloor heating provides a cleaner radiant heat causing less discomfort to asthma and dust allergies sufferers.