Green energy for your home - Solar heating systems

Our company offers complete and professional installation of the solar collectors. They use renewable energy emitted by the sun. Solar heating systems capture the suns solar radiation to heat water.

Solar collector can be installed on Pitched Roofs, Flat Roofs, Walls, Ground/Free Standing

In the summer months an efficient solar heating system can cover the most of your domestic hot water requirements. In the transitional months it can be used to preheat also under floor and radiator heating.

Solar kits have been formulated to assist the domestic hot water heaters in many types of buildings.

Solar set has been adapted to new installations as well as retrofit installations. Depending on your individual needs, you can upgrade your existing kit.

Each kit includes solar collectors, a double coil pipe, a hot water heat exchanger adapted to work with solar collectors and the primary source of thermal energy, a solar controller, a pump group and the essential equipment needed to implement solar installation.

During the implementation of the investment only proven high-quality materials and well known and respected manufacturers are used.