Power Flush

A Power Flush sends a special cleaning solution through your central heating system under high pressure, clearing the harmful sludge which builds up over time as a result of the reaction between water and steel radiators. Power Flush revitalises older central heating systems and is definitely worth the investment when installing a new boiler to maximise its performance.

Power Flush could be the answer if your central heating system is slow to start up, has frequent pump failure or 'kettling' noises emanate from your boiler. Other symptoms indicating your system has circulation problems are radiators needing frequent bleeding, radiator water dirty and discoloured or some radiators partially or completely cold. All of these could result in corrosion and the formation of rust, sludge and scaling.

90% of all system boiler failures can be attributed to corrosion. A Power Flush will ensure maximum efficiency from your boiler, curing flow and circulation problems, restoring heat output to radiators, reducing boiler “kettling” and restoring system efficiency which can possibly lead to reduced bills. A Power Flush is often a requirement to extend boiler warranties and by providers of Central Heating Insurance Cover.

Prices start at £325.00 including VAT, quotations are based on type and age of boiler, system in use and number of radiators.